Blue Suites Boracay

Blue Suites Boracay

Blue Suites Boracay

A Boutique place to stay

The perfect vacation rental property in the Island is waiting for you! Our property is located at the Center of Boracay where everything you need is nearby for a relaxing and enjoyable time.

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Blue Suites Boracay

Sunbathe on the beach

3 minutes walkto the beach. Lay out a towel on the sand and catch some rays.

Blue Suites Boracay

Center of the Island

Enjoy food and shopping at the nearest shopping Mall.

Sunnrise and Sunset View

Enjoy the nature's beauty of a changing colors as the sunrise and sets at the rooftop.

Blue Suites Boracay

Rental suites

Offer a range of amenities that makes your stay comfortable.

Stay Relaxed at Blue Suites Boracay

Blue Suites Boracay is a boutique suites located in the center of the world-famous Boracay Island. The hotel also offers a range of activities and services to keep guests entertained, such as snorkelling, diving, windsurfing, and island hopping. Guests of Blue Suites Boracay can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing stay, with a range of amenities and services to make their visit unforgettable. Offering tailor-made tours and activities. Blue Suites Boracay is the perfect destination for family and friend getaway.

Features of our Blue Suites

The perfect vacation rental property on the Boracay is waiting for you! Our property is located on the Center of Boracay and offers everything you need for a relaxing and enjoyable stay. Our spacious and well-appointed rooms features a airconditioning and queen sized bed.

It takes 3 to 5 minutes walk for a relaxing stroll to the front beach or to the back beach to watch surfers and gliders.

Dmall is a walking distance where foodies can explore and satisfy their appetite with a wide array of choices. So come and enjoy. 

Personalized Island Activities

Your vacation wouldn’t be complete without trying Boacay’s best activities. Let’s us connect you with our friendly tour guide and enjoy the island to the fullest with tailor-made water or land activities on your preferred time and day!

Massage Service

Opting for a relaxing massage in the comforts of your own room? we’d be happy to recommend our experience therapists with just call away.

Airport to Hotel Transportation

Start your holiday without the thought of long lines and too much waiting time to get to your hotel. Send us your flight itinerary and we’ll hook you up with a hassle free transport expert based on your budget!

Food Delivery Service

We are able to help to provide a wide variety of meal options including fast food, ethnic cuisine, wines and even vegan and vegetarian options. We are able to help Guest to order food through the service's website or app, and the food will be delivered directly to the hotel room.

Rooms & Suites

Choose the best room for your stay!

Standard Room

Sleeps 2, 1 Queen Size Bed

Our Standard Room offers a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. It comes with an air-conditioning unit, a queen-sized bed and an en-suite bathroom.

Superior Room

Sleeps 3, 1 Queen Size Bed and 1 Single Bed

This superior room is a comfortable and relaxing space for your stay. It is equipped with a queen sized bed, air conditioning, and free wifi internet access.

Family Room

Sleeps 4, 1 Queen & 2 Single Beds

This family room is perfect for group getaways or family reunions! It features 1 queen size bed and 2 single beds on the second floor.

Beauty of our Resorts

the beach is waiting for you

Reserve your room now! and enjoy your stay with us!

DOT Accredited


What sets Blue Suite Suites apart is its distinguished recognition as a Department of Tourism (DOT) Accredited establishment. This accreditation serves as a testament to the high standards of quality, comfort, and service offered by Blue Suite, ensuring guests a delightful and memorable stay. With its DOT Accreditation, guests can trust that Blue Suite Boracay meets and exceeds the stringent requirements set by the tourism authorities, providing a truly exceptional and reliable hospitality experience.